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About Us

Easy Keep . Easy Reach – “Angela SUA”

Angela SUA Creative Director

“You always hear that Home Organizing improves the overall quality of life. It is so true. Let us guide you through this wonderful life changing journey.”

Home Organizing is not about having the most beautiful home, but it is about having the most functional home.

CK Koh
Finance Director

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship”. Home Organizing can plug that leak and save those little expenses for you.

Home Organizing can save money. Take my word for it. 

After all, I am a Finance guy.

Simple Solutions  .  Maximum Results


Homepage Beginner Practise Programme

beginner Practise Programme

This self-learning written programme teaches you how to organize spaces effectively with simple step by step instructions and easy-to-use checklist. Great for beginners.

Homepage Virtual Consultant Programme

POWER Consultant Programme

This programme is catered especially for outstation clients. A digital programme, we provide assessments and guidance in organizing spaces via pictures or videos sent by clients. Email pictures/videos to

Homepage Effective Combat Programme

Effective Combat Programme

Ready to invigorate your home and lifestyle? This comprehensive programme will guide and support you on a hands-on journey in achieving your ultimate Home Organizing goals. For more info


Proactive Seasonal Programme

This is a customised contractual programme where we take care of your Home Organizing needs on regular time frame e.g. basing on festive periods or perhaps on a quarterly basis. For more info

Our Projects


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Homepage Our Projects


Homepage Our Projects


Homepage Our Projects


What our Customers say about us

I am a shopaholic! But after the ECP Program, I’ve learned not to buy unnecessarily. Angela’s methods and systems are so practical to follow. CK also helped me make some money from my unwanted clutter. I now even have the confidence to organize my restaurant. Angela’s emotional support was heaven sent!
Ginny Law
Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.

Genuine Customer
Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.Good House, Practical Living.

Genuine Customer


Homepage Food Waste picture

Food Waste

Food Waste – Are you a guilty party?
The Star newspaper reported that Malaysia wastes 15,000 tons of food daily, including 3,000 tons still good for consumption which should not have been discarded! Cutting food waste saves money, help feed the poor and protect the earth from greenhouse effect. You can save food. Just get ORGANIZED.

Homepage plastic waste awareness

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste – Are you a contributor?
The World Economic Forum disclosed that “There will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by year 2050”. Scary but true. Save our planet and stop plastic wastes now! Be part of the solution and not part of the pollution. You can reduce plastic. Just get ORGANIZED.


A Little Help Can Go A Long Way

Orphans in Malaysia leave their Orphanages by the time they reached 18 years. With the lack of family support and low education, the majority are ill equipped to face the challenges the world brings. Therefore, one of our upcoming CSR initiatives will be to hire these orphans to be part of our team. Besides providing job security, our training will allow these youngsters to learn not just about Home Organizing skills but also to instil discipline, communications and teamwork. Most importantly, we hope to provide a sense of self-esteem to them by being part of a family in Good House.

Homepage Social Responsibility

Mothers can bring their kids to work

Another CSR activity in the pipeline is our aim to employ single mothers, especially those who have difficulties in securing jobs due to the burden of having to take care of their toddlers at the same time. Our solution? Work with us and bring along your kids too! Afterall, we are Home Organizers. We hope to succeed in this initiative and hopefully will be able to encourage other corporates to assist in this neglected segment of the society.

GOOD HOUSE Practical Living is your best solution to an organized blissful home. – “CK Koh”

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