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Our Story

From a neat freak to Home Organizing…

It began in 2013.

Two souls met and got married. Curiously enough, one is a neat queen and the other is a messy king.

Can you imagine the constant tensions and uneasiness that imploded when The Neat goes against The Messy.

The power struggle was quite intense, to say the least. 

But unsurprisingly, after some epic battles, the neat freak finally managed to gain complete control of their home with her home organization skills and converted the messy guy into a “neat fella”.

Moving forward, the two love birds somehow managed a happy marriage despite the varying degree in neatness not to mention the cleanliness in their love nest, showcasing the very essence of Yin & Yang.

Though heavily defeated, that former messy fella finally understood and appreciate the importance of an organized, well-maintained and functional home. He was totally converted. (well… maybe 98.8% converted?)

One day while enjoying their lovely, cozy and tidy home, the guy gazed lovingly into his wife’s eyes and said, “Honey, you are such an expert in Home Organizing, you should be doing this professionally and help others”

And guess what? With that statement, came the “light bulb moment”.

And lo and behold, GoodHouse was born.

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