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Our business entity, Stargate Enterprise was incorporated on 11th February 2015.

Our brand is GoodHouse, epitomizing harmony and tranquility in every home.

 Our motto is Practical Living, the sensible way to a better home.

What Home Organizers Do?

Home Organizing is indeed a new industry in Malaysia.

With us pioneering it, many are not exposed with what exactly a Home Organizer does.

For those uninitiated with the phase Home Organizing, please allow us to clarify what we ARE NOT.

  1. We are not commercial cleaners i.e. we don’t come to your house to mop floors or clean toilets.
  2. We are not Interior Designers or Renovators i.e. we don’t do renovations to beautify your home.

So, what exactly do we do?

We at GoodHouse, provides professional consultation and services to organize your physical spaces e.g. your homes, rooms, closets, kitchens, pantries, home office, to bigger areas including office lots, restaurants, warehouse etc., using our proven structured methods.

Our services consist of: –

  • Providing emotional support on decision making and practical solutions
  • Facilitate actions on cleaning, de-cluttering and disposals
  • Implementing and setting up of practical systems by individual needs

Educate on housekeeping maintenance and upkeep

Our Objectives

Our aspiration is to enhance our clients’ homes and by doing so, invigorate their lives.

We hope to establish a sense of clarity and order in their homes and by doing so, show the world that house chores and upkeeping are fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Our Vision

By being the Pioneer, Good House aspires to be the Market Leader to transcend Home Organizing into an esteem Industry that contributes to the well-being of our Society as well as the general Economy.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that managing a business is akin to administering a home in which the following fine values must be applied.

  • Respect – amongst co-workers and towards customers
  • Harmony – teamwork and collective contributions at all levels
  • Integrity – gain trust from customers & suppliers through honesty
  • Learn – improve knowledge and skills to serve customers better
  • Strive – provide best value and quality service to customers
  • Passion – total commitment from our hearts and minds
  • Responsibility – be accountable and take ownership of our actions

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