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We are Professional Home Organizers. We offer effective and practical Home Organizing services for your home, home office or office.

Our very customer-centric home organizing services cater to individual needs base on your style, taste and most importantly, budget.

At GoodHouse, we believe in creating a positive experience where knowing and understanding our clients is our utmost priority in order to determine appropriate measures to resolve their issues.

We hope to build a relationship with you by not just imparting our knowledge and expertise but also to provide emotional support towards your organizing goals.

We are dedicated to change your way of living by sharing our proven methods and systems.

Our goal is to enhance your life through practical living and at the end of the process, you will be able to sit back, relax and embrace life with a new refreshing environment.

Yes! We can help you!

How does this work?

How many people can honestly say that they like to live in a home which is chaotic, messy and full of clutter? I am pretty sure everybody wants a beautiful, clean and cosy house to call home.

Some of you might be able to achieve your dream living environment but some, hard as they try, can’t seem to reach their goals. Mess and clutters resurface no matter how they house keep.

The most effective way to achieving a suitable environment for your home is of course, by way of Home Organizing. However, as Home Organizing is not merely just cleaning-up, many people just do not have the sense, skills or knowledge to partake in such an undertaking.  Some might not have the time due to work and various commitments. Some are just plain overwhelmed by their clutter and mess.

So, what can you do? The answer is simple; reach out to a Professional Home Organizer such as GoodHouse.

Mention home organizing in Malaysia and many people are not even aware about it. Some do but are usually not sure what it is all about. Most will probably tell you it has something to do with house cleaning or some interior design job. Well, not exactly.

A professional organizer’s functions are to help individuals as well as businesses to set up or improve upon their organizing systems and processes. Therefore, the main objectives are to achieve more productivity and greater efficiency which will enhance your lifestyle.

The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) defines a Professional Organizer as follows:

  • Professional Organizer supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around objects, space, and data; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding function, order, and clarity.

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia which further illustrates the important role of a Professional Organizer:

“Professional Organizers achieve the goal of creating and maintaining organizational systems by teaching others the basic principles of organization. Writer Julie Morgenstern suggests communicating these principals by using the acronym “SPACE”, interpreted as: S=Sort, P=Purge, A=Assign a Home, C=Containerize and E=Equalize. The last step (“E”) consists in monitoring how the new system that has been created is working, adjusting it if needed, and maintaining it. This principle is applicable to every type of organization.

  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Assign
  • Containerize
  • Equalize

As one of their main jobs, Professional Organizers help clients reduce excessive clutter in the home or in the office. Professional Organizers endeavour to help individuals and business owners take control of their surroundings, their time and their systems for life. Professional Organizers help redirect paradigms into more useful cross-applications that ensure properly co-sustainable futures for their clients’ spaces and processes.

Professional Organizers offer a wide variety of services, from designing a functional closet, to organizing a cross-country move. For homeowners, a Professional Organizer might plan and reorganize the space of a room, improve storage management, coach time management or goal setting strategies. In a business setting, Professional Organizers work closely with their clients to increase productivity by stream-lining filing systems, electronic organization, and employees tasks / time-management.”

Professional organizers help clients decrease stress, increase the time they have to spend towards friends and family, regain control of time and space, improve the functionality and appearance of their home and office, enhance efficiency, boost productivity, allow them to channel more energy toward individual talents, and help clients simplify their lives.

We hope the above has enlighten you about the functions and roles of Professional Organizers and the expertise they can bring to your home organizing journey.


Now that you know what a Professional Home Organizer can do for you, please feel free to for further inquiries.

When to hire
a Home Organizer?

Are you feeling ... ...

  1. Overwhelmed with mess, litters and chaos at home
  2. Incapable to de-clutter heaps upon heaps of stuff
  3. Stressed out and can’t cope with house chores
  4. Distressed with too many stuffs which keeps piling up
  5. Frustrated in your inability to efficiently sort, purge, and organize your stuff
  6. Clueless on how to design an effective organizing system for home/kitchen
  7. Annoyed with the current ineffective organizing system which nobody uses
  8. Alarmed at running out of space in your home/closet/garage/kitchen
  9. At loss on why you are frequently missing important deadlines
  10. Ineffectual in keeping track of work and family schedules/appointments
  11. Unproductive even though you thought to have done a lot
  12. Flabbergasted that you never seem to have enough time
  13. Embarrassed to invite people to your home
  14. Hopeless due to your HOARDING issue (please be honest)
  15. Incompetent and have trouble completing tasks
  16. Helpless and wish to be EMPOWERED with efficiency, productivity and time management skills
  17. Restricted by a chaotic lifestyle
  18. Uninspired each time you wanted to start organizing or a project
  19. Burdensome even towards simple daily routines
  20. Dispirited for not able to set an example to your children
  21. Downcast due to a lack in self confidence or self-image

Trust us. If you checked more than 3 of the above… it is time to seek help… and If you happened to tick No. 14, please contact us… URGENTLY!


Besides not knowing that Professional Organizers exist, most people do not seek professional help because of 2 main reasons:

  1. People are embarrassed about their situation
  2. People are worry about the cost involved


Let us assure you that you have nothing to be embarrass about, for we totally understand these issues which are very common.  Hiring a Professional Home Organizer is akin to calling the mechanic when your car has a break down. Simple as that. Furthermore, we respect privacy and relationship with our clients are treated with the strictest of confidentiality.


And if you need to work along a certain budget, not to worry. We will advise and provide proper recommendations and options after a thorough assessment on you and the actual issues on hand.


“Like any other journey, the secret of home organizing is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain

Benefits of having a Home Organizer
to help you

Let us share with you what are the goodness of Home Organizing

Help Saves Money

Yes, you heard correctly! Being organized can save money.

When you are organized, you know what you have and where your things are located. You save money by not buying duplicate items which you weren’t able to find.

Check your kitchen cabinets now and see if you have any expired can/packet food. Most likely it is a yes, and that’s money wasted which you can avoid if you have an organize kitchen.

Logically, if you have an organized kitchen and planned your meals properly, you’ll save money eating out. You can also save money from needing to hire maids to clean your home.

Finally, if you have a good tracking and managing system for bills payables, you can even save money from incurring interest for late payments.

Imagine the accumulated amount you can save in the long run.

House Chores Become Easy & Fun

Imagine a room full of furniture, cute knick knacks, beautiful plants, walls filled with beautiful frames and an open bookshelf. Sounds cosy?

Yes, if only you have the time to maintain the room with all the mopping and dusting required!

What if you do not have the time or you just “DO NOT” enjoy doing chores. That’s when things get frustrating. Soon the room becomes messy and chaotic and you will be overwhelmed.

Therefore, being organized ensures that there is unnecessary or extra housekeeping work.

As chores become less complicated, you will begin to enjoy housework.

Saves Time

This is pure common sense.

Being organized = less housework = having more quality time!

There was an article in a US magazine saying that the average person wastes about 30 minutes per day searching for things e.g. stationeries, tools, clothes, keys, cosmetics etc… Imagine the number of hours lost in 1 year!!!

One of the main philosophies of being organized is having “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

You’ll never have to waste time again knowing where your stuff is located. See the point?

Increases Productivity

Being organized means having systems in place to schedule chores, errands and to-do-lists. With a well-planned timetable or calendar, you and your family know exactly what specific tasks are reserved for certain time or day. This allows you to work on other aspects or priorities in your life.

You will have less unplanned and sporadic running of errands and chores, which are very disruptive to your time management. In the long run, your time will be better used, thus more productive. Therefore, you can spend more quality time for yourself and with your loved ones.

Create More Space

Most people tend to buy a lot of unnecessary things. These items are then stuffed in cabinets or storage boxes and will most probably never see the light of the day. You don’t realise that things are beginning to pile up until it’s too late. Look at your storeroom/wardrobes/cabinets and you will see the point.

Home organizing prevents you from accumulating stuff because it teaches you to have a sense of awareness and inculcate a pragmatic approach with regards to when or what to buy. Lesser stuff means more space.

With proper planning, you will never have to deal with the issue of having cramp or insufficient spaces at home.

A Sense Of Well Being

Health :

Without the stress of worrying about chores or being overwhelmed with messy and chaotic home, your health will improve accordingly since you are calmer and have a better peace of mind with an organized lifestyle. An organized and clean home will have more fresh air and serenity feel, thus promoting wellness.


Happiness :

An organized home means everyone in the family knows their roles and responsibilities towards house chores and ethics. Imagine even the little ones know where to put back their toys and playthings. There will be less nagging or quarrelling amongst family members. Believe you me, you’ll have less stress and lower blood pressure. A good environment promotes a happy home!


Self Esteem :

Being organized can improve self-confidence.

That’s right, being organized means you have more quality time for yourself which can be used for such healthy activities such as going to the gym to gain good physique. Working moms will have more time to pamper in personal grooming, facials, spa to look good. Perhaps you can indulge in the long-delayed hobby or home crafting project. All these examples of positive activities always bring a sense of joy.

When a person looks after oneself and feels good all the time, you will have a sense of control. Now that’s self-confidence.

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