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Our Clients

Our clientele consists of individuals as well as corporates.

They usually come from one of these categories: –

  • People who keep resolving in wanting to organize their messy home but failing to do so with various excuses all the time
  • People who are emotionally overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” they have but do not know what to do while getting frustrated and angrier by the day
  • People with HOARDING issues and can’t cope with the psychology and emotional stress of de-cluttering and cleaning
  • People who can’t keep up with housekeeping chores e.g. working parents, the elderly or disabled
  • People whose homes are always messed up no matter how hard they try to housekeep.
  • People who wish to, but do not have the knowledge nor skill to set up systems for storage, coding or labelling.

Or, perhaps all you want is an orderly home with a clean environment, but you just do not know how to achieve it? Don’t fret.  Get help. Call us!

Many people do not seek help due to the fear of embarrassment about their situation. Some are not even aware of the existence of Professional Home Organizers.

Please fear not, for we do not pass judgement. We respect privacy and confidentiality.

We understand perfectly the difficulties you are going through. Most importantly, we can help you.

Please feel free to drop us a line. It will be our pleasure to chat with you.

You are most welcome to

MAKe That

At wits’ end due to a messy home and a chaotic lifestyle?

Life can get better not by chance but by change.

Let us allay your fears. Let us share your burdens. Let us provide the emotional support.

Make that change and talk to us now! Regain your life, reclaim your home.

The Self learner

Have the desire to organize but can’t afford professional services due to budget constraint? May we suggest the DIY way! Try our self-learning module today.Our programme is an easy to follow guide with simple step-by-step instructions. You will appreciate the helpful tips and the effective checklists included.This programme is also suitable for enthusiasts as well as beginners.

The Digital Way

Unable to schedule an appointment with us due to distance? No need to fret because we can assist via the “Digital” way. All you need to do is to send in pictures or videos of the space you want to be organized and let us plan out a suitable process and system for you.


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The Game Changer

Decided to go all the way? Try this highly recommended programme which will guarantee to change your life.It’s a customised module where each individual client will be evaluated.  Suitable and workable solutions will be drawn according to your lifestyle habits and needs. Most importantly, Angela will be on hand from the very beginning to guide you through our proven Home Organizing methods and systems. Our easy to maintain practical solutions cater not just to your needs but your entire family as well.

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The Ultimate PLan

Don’t have the luxury of time to maintain your home?Sign up with our annual programme! This module is on an annual contractual basis and is customized according to the number of times you require our team to organize your home in a year. Angela will ensure your home remains clutter free and functional all year round. Feel blessed. Sit back, relax and enjoy.



Your Life Changing Q&A

Still can't decide which Programme to choose from? Take a look bellow

Question: I don’t think I have the budget for my whole house. What can I do?

Answer: Not to worry. We can organize your home, area by area. Angela will do an assessment of your home and will recommend which area is to be given priority. 

Question: What if these programmes are not what I am looking for?

Answer: Our programmes are thoughtfully designed to cater to different needs. We suggest starting with our Power Consultant Programme in which Angela will provide a thorough analysis of your current condition and provide recommended solutions.

Question: Can Angela customise something else to fit my needs?

Answer: Yes. In fact, our Effective Combat Programme provides the flexibility to incorporate customised systems basing on individual needs and requirements.

Question: What if I mess up again?

Answer: We are only humans, we totally understand. Not everyone can get it right the first time. Feel free to reach out to Angela. She will always be here to provide support and find better life changing solutions for you.

Question: What if the current systems are not effective after some time?

Answer: It is not surprising as these situations are bound to happen. Sometimes systems can be “out of tune” especially if there are changes to your existing lifestyle e.g. arrival of a new baby or a new job. These changes have direct major impact on a person’s life resulting in existing systems being ineffective…. Don’t panic, relax. Angela’s systems are “Non-Rigid”. They are meant to be adjustable and adaptable. A tweak here and there will probably solve your problems.

Question: A family member recently passed on. Will the current systems still work?

Answer: Definitely. Always remember, systems are adjustable to suit needs. The issue here is whether you are ready to move on by decluttering and clearing the deceased belongings. Doing this will help in the recovery from mourning period. It is never easy to lose a loved one. Angela can help you through the process.

Question: I have a hoarder at home! Which Programme should I use?

Answer: Hoarding is a major issue. We highly recommend you choose Effective Combat Programme. Tackling hoarding is one of the main objectives of this programme.

Question: One of my family members is immobile. Can your programmes help?

Answer: We recommend Effective Combat Programme as this programme can customised systems to assist the said member in which the entire family can benefit from.

Question: We have Autistic / ADHD people at home. Can Angela help?


Yes, Angela can help. We fully understand that taking care of Autistic/ADHD person requires full-time wholehearted dedication. Our Effective Combat Programme can improve your situation, especially by customising systems to ease your daily chores. Talk to Angela. Let her creativity assist you.

Question: I believe in Feng Shui. Will your systems disrupt my home’s Feng Shui?

Answer: Of course not. The essence of home organizing is to enhance our homes and by doing so, invigorate our lives. Therefore, an organized home projects a sense of clarity and order, which in turn allows the home to have good energy and flowing chi. Essentially, home organizing promotes good Feng Shui.

Think about it, can a messy and chaotic home have good Feng Shui?

Question: I love entertaining guests at home. But I don’t like to deal with the organizing and planning processes. Not to mention the after-math cleaning and clutters. Is there a programme that can help me?

Answer: Yes, our Proactive Seasonal Programme fits the bill. This programme ensures that you have an organized home all year round. Entertaining guests will be a piece of cake.

Question: I have 2 young toddlers and with another baby on the way. How would your programmes help?

Answer: Our programmes can help busy mothers like yourself to train young toddlers about home organizing via our customised systems. Studies have shown that young children as old as 2 years can be trained to be neat and tidy by identifying shapes colour coding. Come talk to us and explore the joy of training your children.

Question: I have a teenage son. He doesn’t seem to listen to my instructions. Now my house is a messy pit. What should I do?

Answer: Teenagers! Let’s face it, most teenagers don’t bother about house chores because they were not trained to do so. This problem can be solved by implementing systems that they can follow easily. Our Effective Combat Programme caters to this type of issue.

Question: What if I got overwhelmed with the Beginners Practise Programme?

Answer: The Beginners Practice Programme is an easy to follow manual. The step-by-step instructions are designed to help you achieve your goals. Should you still encounter any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

Question: What if the Power Consultant Programme doesn’t work for me in the end?

Answer: Please remember solutions provided might not necessarily be permanent. If the programme is not working according to plan, we can always reassess the situation for alternative solutions.

Feel free to contact us and together we will find a better way.

Question: I wish I have all the systems implemented for me so that I don’t have to deal with organizing all the time. How can you help?

Answer: Our Proactive Seasonal Programme is perfect for you. You really don’t have to deal with all the hassle. Just sit back and relax.

Didn’t find your answers or perhaps you have other issues in mind? Please reach out to Angela at

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