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Angela SUA
Chief Executive Officer

Our Founder. The heart and soul of the company.

Our very own Home Organizing Queen, she said it is vitally important to have a tidy and clean home, for this will give you a clear mind to start a productive day.

Angela was taught to manage her own toys and clothes at 3 years old. Trained to do house chores at 5 and already began cooking and cleaning at the age of 12 to ease her family’s burden. During that time, she also gained the experiences of taking care of young toddlers as Angela’s mom was a nanny to many neighborhood kids. Her interest in cleaning is so deep that she also took the initiatives to learn from any elders on the fine art of home keeping and organizing.

Being independent since her adult teens has also enhanced Angela’s skills and knowledge in managing house chores with the most practical solutions.

If there is such a thing, we can describe her as a pure thoroughbred in the art of house cleaning. Simply put, she is just a natural born home organizer and problems solver for your household and lifestyle issues.

She is always involved personally with our clients to understand each individual’s needs to provide the most practical solutions to problems.

Her key to success is the high standards she sets for both herself and the Team.

Oh… did we mention that she is a Perfectionist and a clever Budget Planner too?….

The Founders page
Actual picture is on the way...a happy one.
The Founders page
Actual picture is on the way...You will see who is cuter

CK Koh
Chief Finance Officer

Mainly in charge of the company’s finances, CK is the totally opposite of Angela. Once a laidback and messy kind of guy, CK has learned well from Angela.

He can now be called upon to do some home organizing himself.

(Yes .. High 5 to the bros! Guys can do it too!)

Before co-founding the business, CK was in the Financial Industry for more than 25 years, attached to esteemed local and foreign financial institutions.

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